Everything you need to know when you to switch from infant car seat to convertible

When to switch from infant car seat to convertible

Parents, did you know that the leading cause of death among children ages 2 to 14 is due to motor vehicle crashes? Hard to hear, but it’s reality.

In this section, many actions have been done to avoid these tragedies, but it must also be said that much remains to be done to have the complete security of our children.

Before proceeding to make the appropriate change of seats for your children, remember to consult the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your seat. You can get relevant and useful information on them.

Safety belt for children, not so safe

In our current world, many parents do not know that seat belts in most cars are not designed for children under 8 years of age. And they do not know because there has not been an awareness campaign on the part of the authorities or the car companies.

These seatbelt systems are designed to cover and protect people who are at least 4′ 9″ tall.

This is where you as a parent should ask yourself this question: is my son really protected when wearing the car’s seat belt?

Concerning to infant car seats

It is important that you know when to switch from infant car seat to convertible.

Infant car seats are required by law to protect them in the event of an automobile accident. But these have a safety limit allowed, which is when once your child reaches the maximum height that can tolerate those seats.

There are even studies that indicate that as soon as your child reaches the first year of age, you should know when to switch from infant car seat to convertible.

That is, everything will depend on what happens first with your child. If he reaches first the height limit allowed by that seats or if he arrives first his first year of age.

Tell me about the remarkable differences between infant car seat and convertible

There are many substantial differences between these two car seats. One of the most notorious is the weight and height that can both endure.

While the infant car seat can withstand newborn babies up to those weighing 22 to 40 pounds; the convertible seats can be used from the child’s 2 years of age onwards and carry an infant’s weight from 40 to 60 pounds.

And when should I make the change?

It all depends on how fast your child grows. The perfect time to know when to switch from infant car seat to convertible is when your child reaches the maximum height allowed by the infant car seat.

Even if you note that they have reached the first year of age, but that they have not reached that height limit, you can also make the change perfectly, since from that moment your child will need to use the convertible seat for greater security. Also, you will not want to break the laws that treat you.

What do the laws say about this subject?

Remember that there is a law that governs all aspects of child seats and when to switch from infant car seat to convertible. Take a look so you can learn more about the subject and not violate it.

In addition, there are also state laws that also argue norms on the matter. 50 states have regulations on infant car seats and for the convertible. Almost everyone rules about patterns and similar sizes, but you should also inquire more about the subject according to the state in which you are.

States like Arizona or South Dakota maintain very gentle rules about infant seats. On the other hand, the other states have been at the forefront of regulations in this regard. These states have been updating the progress made by studies on infant safety.

Test if your child is fit to use the seat belt

Before you migrate from a car or convertible child seat to a seat belt system, you need to do well to test whether your child fits that system well. Follow these tips:

  • Put your child recharged to the back of the vehicle seat. If their knees naturally bend with the edge of the seat, they can safely use the seat belt system. Otherwise, they should continue to use an infant car seat or convertible.
  • Fasten the belt to their shoulder. If you notice that the belt reaches their hip or upper thighs, they can use the seat belt system. But if it only goes to the stomach, continue to protect your child with the convertible seat.
  • Make sure that the seat belt rests on their shoulder or collarbone. If so, it is suitable for using the system. If the belt touches his face, continue to use the child seat.

Final Considerations on changing car seats

Always be sure to check all the safety mechanisms of the seat, regardless of whether it is one of the two-seat models. Do not use old or outdated seats that do not meet current safety standards.

Finally, it is important that you know that all children under 2 years of age should be placed in a seat looking behind the car, as it is considered safer for them. If an accident happened, they would be turning their backs to the front, which prevents them from getting fired by the impact.