Senior Safety: How to Fall

Stopping A Fall & Lessening The Injury From A Fall

STopping a fall is not easy sometimes and that is why it is so important to take steps in trying to prevent a fall from ever happening.

Sometimes it is impossible to stop a fall.  If you are walking in an area of your home and your foot hit a slippery surface such as water that has spilled on the floor then you may be on the floor before you know what has happened.  The following are steps to try to take to try to not get injured from a fall.  You should first try to grab something to stop your fall such as a rail if you are on the stairs or grab furniture or someone next to you to help you get your balance.  If you are unable to grab something to catch yourself then:

  1. Try to immediately protect your head by throwing your arms over your head and tucking your head.  If you try to lift your head then other parts of your body will hit first and your head will not take the brunt of the fall or the most impact of the fall.
  2. Try to roll your body into a ball or tuck your body by throwing your chest to your knees or knees to your chest.  And relax more than stiffening your body so you don’t pull muscles during your fall.
  3. You should not throw your arms out to your side or reach out with your hands to the ground because this may cause a broken wrist or arm.  Although you should always lift your head and protect your head and hips as much as possible to prevent a blow to your head and to prevent a broken hip.


  1. use an assistive device such as a straight cane or walker to help with your balance.
  2. stay active but safe by taking monitored exercises with a partner or group and stay moving every day.
  3. GET INVOLVED in social activities or hobbies so you do not stay sedentary and become weaker.
  4. Talk to your family and physician if you have fear and need help in the home.
  5. Make your home safer by moving furniture and other objects out of your walk path.  Have safety devices installed to make your home safer such as equipment in your bathroom and bars or rails in the shower and at steps or stairs?

Equipment that may be used to help lessen the injury of a fall are devices that help pad your body parts:

Hip protectors: these are pants that have a cushion over the hips to help lessen the injury to your hips if you fall.

Helmets:  injury prevention helmets may be worn to prevent head trauma which may prevent a bleed that can result from a fall.  If you are taking an anti-coagulant and hit your head you have a higher chance of a bleed.


  1. Have medication checked by your physician and pharmacist
  2. Have your vision checked by your eye doctor
  3. Get a physical therapy evaluation for your home environment safe and for your strength and balance.