Providing Safety for an Infant or Child is a Journey of Discovery

The safety of an infant or child is extremely important to those of us who love them, so I hope you will come on this journey with me. The world has changed, and unfortunately, we need to be even more vigilant than ever before.

Whether you are a parent, daycare provider or babysitter, you know how rewarding it can be to care for these precious little ones. You also know what an awesome responsibility it is to keep them safe.

You know that each of them relies on you for all of their needs. There are many things to consider, so I hope you will join me on this journey to discover how to make their world a safer place.

Safety begins even before a baby is born. Expectant parents have several issues to deal with before the arrival of their precious little “bundle of joy”.

Caring for an Infant

Begin Your Journey of First Infant Safety Before He or She Arrives.

Pregnancy is a very exciting time, especially your first pregnancy. It is also a time to prepare the first infant safety measures for your child before he or she is born. It is great to know the sex of your infant so you can do things like choosing a name and deciding on colors and a theme for the nursery.

When I had my children, many years ago, we did not know the sex of our infant before he or she was born, so we had to “wait and see”. I was in labor with my third (and last) child, and we were driving to a friend’s house to drop the two kids off until I delivered our infant, then they would stay with my parents until I brought the new infant home. My parents were going to be in the “birthing room”…a new concept back then! My oldest child, a 4-year-old boy said “Mom, if you have another girl… don’t bother bringing her home. You can leave her in the nursery and the nurses will take care of her. I have one sister and that’s enough!” Fortunately, my labor with this infant was short and within a few hours we learned we had another boy! Whew…what a relief!

Back then, we didn’t know about the safety measures and new safer equipment that would be developed to protect our precious infants from potentially dangerous hazards in our environment.

Much has been learned since then, and now we have many more ways to protect our little ones from harm.

We all have to be even more diligent in our efforts to keep these little ones safe, in view of the changes in our world today.

Let’s continue our journey together, exploring all that is now available to begin our first infant safety path…and don’t forget to enjoy the ride!